I host a podcast about the history of Internet entrepreneurship.

What happens when you take an entrepreneur who loves stories and storytelling, researches Internet businesses, and studies digital media history? He creates a really nerdy podcast, of course!

Web Masters is that podcast. It’s a weekly podcast where I share the stories of people who built some of the world’s earliest and most important websites. Some of the stories I’ve done so far have featured people like Louis Monier (creator of AltaVista), Gregg Spiridellis (co-founder of JibJab), and Chris Heivly (co-founder of MapQuest).

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Oh, and for fun, here’s the episode featuring Louis Monier of AltaVista, the man who could have bought Google for $1 million. If you’re the kind of person whose gotten this far into my website, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy his story.