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I’ve been getting lots of demand for my TikTok class that you may have read about and really this is just a filler paragraph that I’m going to hide but I need to alter the location of the signup form so it appears here instead of lower… yikes!

And here’s another filler article… hopefully at some point the subscribe box actually moves below this next paragraph I’m writing and not the one after because when it appears behind the one after it’s quite annoying.

Thanks to this Today Show feature, this Bloomberg article, and this Cosmo article about my class at Duke where I help students build their personal social media brands on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, I get lots of requests for an online version, so that’s what I’ve created!

Learn more in this free webinar where I share my research-backed methods for helping professionals grow their audiences on all social media platforms. (Even though the media likes to call me “the TikTok professor,” I promise I teach a lot more than just TikTok.)