Hi, I’m Aaron! I teach Social Marketing & Entrepreneurship at Duke University.

If we were living in the early 1900s, I’d be called a “Renaissance Man.” If this were the late 1900s I’d be called either “well rounded” or “unfocused” depending on whether I was applying to college or applying for a job, respectively. These days, however, people like to call me an entrepreneur. Here’s why…

I have a PhD in English, but I’m also a software engineer. I published my first book, The Krzyzewskiville Tales, when I was 20. At that point, I thought I was going to turn into the next “Great American Author.” Instead, for reasons I still don’t fully understand, I started building venture-backed tech companies.

My company building days are mostly over (for some complex reasons, including this), so now I write lots of articles about entrepreneurship, host an awesome podcast, and teach incredible young entrepreneurs and future social media superstars at Duke and beyond!